Digital Workflow
At Bharat Litho we can do High End Scanning,
Page-Makeup ,
Automated PDF Workflow
Impositioning (Signastation)
Computer to Plate (CTP) &
Computer to Film (CTF)

Computer-to-Plate (CtP)

Cost Effective -

Our CtP process is a fraction of the cost of film separations, chemical proofs and plates. Once you start using CtP you'll never look back.

Computer to Plate (CtP) is the new generation processing technology that does away with film. No longer do you need to go through the cumbersome process of capturing pages on film and assembling positives. Instead the digital image is directly transferred on the plate, ready to print.

Computer-to-Plate offers many advantages

Ultra-sharp dots through digital plate imaging. High register accuracy. No specks of dust or cut edges. Easy-to-use, frequency-modulated screens. Greater range of tonal values with enhanced light and shadow detail. Minimal dot gain enables greater colour density during printing. Faster availability of the printed product. End-to-end process automation in pre-press, press and post-press