Silk Screen printing or Serigraphy is the most interesting process in printing technology and by far the most versatile of them. Apart from the hi-tech automated Silk Screen technologies available in modern times. Silk screen printing is a form of art printing in true sense. This process can also be done manually, as it was practiced at its origin.

At Bharat Litho we undertake Screen printing jobs of any form and types, be it normal stationeries to automated container printing on uneven surfaces. The uniqueness of this technology allows to print not only on any normal paper and boards, but also on cloth, PVC, poly-vinyl & acrylic sheets, metals, glass, films and many such items.

Automated container printing allows us to print on containers round and flat, on both even and uneven surfaces. Moreover, it can print with hundreds of possible colors with vibrant results... the scope are your imagination! Our silk screen printing studio has got the provisions of handling the entire process in house., right from designing (DTP) to film processing,

darkroom processing for screen preparation, screen binding to ultimate printing and automated drying of the printed materials. Any customized shape and size can be printed on this process apart from the regular sizes for printing.